All designs and plans are the copyright property of Markaudio or their designers, and except where otherwise indicated are provided free for DIY / personal use only.

Any commercial use of these designs or plan-sets requires a license available from the designer. Please contact Markaudio / your distributor for details.

You will find links to designs specific to each driver we produce on the product page under the specs & box plans tab for that specific driver, below a more general view of some good places to visit for resources is presented.


Company providing advanced horn and quarter-wave / transmission line designs for the DIY market

Home of the famous Frugel-Horn serie

Assorted designs for current and previous generation Markaudio drive units. Note: except where otherwise indicated, current drive units cannot be used in enclosures designed for previous generation drivers.

Well-known selection of compact labyrinth enclosures for various drive units, including Markaudio products

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