1. Christof von Dahl 3 years ago

    Hi, where is it in Europe?
    I need this driver. Maybe as a CHN-40?
    By Christof.

    • Thomas Lo 2 years ago

      Christof, we are releasing this very soon.

      • Christof von Dahl 2 years ago

        Cool, looking forward 🙂

      • Christof von Dahl 2 years ago

        What is „very soon“ in your world? 😉

      • Christof von Dahl 2 years ago

        Hello, what’s going on at Markaudio‘s?
        Will there be a release or is this driver being canceled?

  2. Christof von Dahl 1 year ago

    Hi, finally I was able to order two pairs at Soundimports from the Netherlands. That was one year later than very soon 😉
    Because of a COVID-19 illness I am not able to start projects with them 🙁

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