CHP-70 Generation 2

70mm   Widerange drive unit
8ohm    single ferrite magnet

  • 4in natural and black uncoated paper composite cones available
  • Wide operating range -rolled off high frequencies for vintage tone
  • Low-profile cone –broad directivity pattern
  • Long-stroke suspension
  • Self-damping polymer basket

This updated (Gen. 2) CHP-70 driver is designed to make a semi-vintage classic sound, similar to the smaller full range driver designs from the 1950ʼs. Its middle-high range output has been made to “roll-off” from 7-kHz up. This helps to keep the high range sounding smooth and warm. This driver makes the singers voice sound very natural, a little warm, pleasing for many hours of listening.

The CHP-70 Gen. 2 will assist in the control of sharp or hard sounding compressed music (digital) . This CHP delivers a tone that appeals to classic music enthusiasts using smaller amplifiers. The off-axis and sound-spread of the CHP-70 is excellent. This driver is capable of filling a room environment with an “easy listening” experience, especially for human voice. The bass response from the CHP-70 Gen. 2 in a properly tuned box is excellent for this smaller sized driver. Typically, for lower power applications, in a Bass-Reflex or Vented box, lower responses close to 40Hz can be obtained.

Many technical improvements has been done.

1 – Improved stiffer frame.

2 – New cap design with new improved fitting method. 3 – New Japanese deigned coil.

4 – New spider for improved bass.

5 -2 colour choice (natural paper and black paper cones)

The CHP-70 Gen. 2 is an excellent “classic” and “natural” sound driver.

FS72.3 Hz
RE7.2 Ohm
SD5.02 K/mm/2
VAS4.7 Ltrs
CMS1.31 µM/N
MMD3.49 g
MMS3.7 g
BL4.24 Tm
LE30.61 µH
SPL86.5 dB
X MAX4.2mm (one way)


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