90mm Fullrange drive unit </ br> 8ohm single ferrite magnet</ p>

  • full range drive unit
  • Metal cone in 2 colours
  • Wide perating range to 20KHz –very linear response

The CHR-90 is an affordable all-new Full-Range 3.5-inch multi-purpose driver unit suitable for use in variety of medium size loudspeakers applications, or as part of a multiway system.

The central mid-range is benign, near flat response, from 1KHz to 6KHz giving end-users and custom builders the potential to use the CHR90 as a mid-field driver in larger multiway applications, useful for balancing out larger radiated surface outputs from big bass units.

The CHR90 also has potential for use in 2 way applications as a bass-mid driver. Most Markaudio drivers have a purpose designed frequency lift in the lower ranges (typically 100Hz to 500Hz) to compensate for baffle step losses.

The CHR90 is useful to these applications where end-users and loudspeaker makers need a wider choice on frequency cross-over point selection.
The CHR90 chassis is an all-new design, dedicated to this driver. All moving parts (powertrain) are new and custom made for this driver. Much work has been done to make the CHR90 a versatile driver and extend the well-known performance characteristics of Markaudio’s products.

Revc7.80 Ohm
F044.34 Hz
Sd0.0085 m²
Vas26.1403 Ltr
CMS2.5942 mm/N
MMD4.5230 g
MMS4.9661 g
Xmax7mm one way
LeVc0.0912 mH
No0.52 %
SPL089.3548 dB


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