Alpair 10P

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100mm Fullrange drive unit 6ohm single ferrite magnet

  • Legendary full range drive unit
  • 5in Natural blue paper cone
  • Operating range to 25KHz –very linear response
  • Low-profile multiform cone for broad directivity pattern
  • Advanced low-distortion motor design
  • Long-stroke suspension with arrestor and progressive-rate spider Self-damping reinforced polymer basket


This Alpair 10P Gen.1 represents a significant development of Markaudio Full-range drivers. The production history of the Alpair 10 series is well known inside purist audiophile circles. However this is the first time that a paper cone version has appeared in the 10 series.

The cone is the most radical shallow design Markaudio has produced so far this size of driver. To maintain its stability, the materials used include an arrangement of glassreinforced fibres. The dispersion characteristic is ultra wide. The 10P is frequency range capable to +25-kHz with an efficiency of 89.5dB. These efficiencies were achieved by considerable design efforts to reduce mass. The 10Pʼs power train under moving mass conditions is less 5.2g while retaining Markaudioʼs “long throw” design feature. The coil winding is “high stress” type forming the tight band arrangement on its body. The result is one of the lightest coils deployed is this size class, weighing under 2.2g.

The power-train suspension compliance is extremely sensitive. Capable of large extension for this class of Full-Range audio driver (7-mm 1 way, limited by the Arrestor).

The Alpair 10P is “purist” technical driver. Its purpose is to serve the audiophile and experimental markets. Due to the highly emittance sensitive power-train, this driver will need users to take note of the need for high quality lower power amplification and audiophile level source. The Alpair 10P should not be considered as a “general purpose” emitter.

ReVc 6.2 Ohm
F0 42.398 Hz
Sd 88.250 cm²
Vas 29.995 Ltr
Cms 2.701m M/N
Mmd 4.719 g
Mms 5.196 g
Bl 4.741 T.M
Qms 2.425
Qes 0.382
Qts 0.330
Levc 50.196 uH
N0 0.579%
Spl0 89.645
X-max 7 mm
Power (nominal) 30 Watts

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm

4.741 TM


2.712m M/N


42.398 Hz


50.196 uH


4.719 g


5.196 g


30 Watts








6.2 Ohm


88.25 CM


89.645 dB


29.995 Ltr


7mm one way, limited by arrestor

1 review for Alpair 10P

  1. Cristobal

    Magníficos estos drivers, sonido natural y detallado. Gracias Markaudio por vuestro trabajo.

    • Thomas Lo

      Dear Cristobal,
      Thanks for your support!

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