Pluvia 7.2 HD

70mm   Fullrange drive unit
6ohm    double ferrite magnet

  • 4in Soft Chrome or Vintage Gold magnesium alloy cone
  • Operating range to 30KHz –very linear response
  • Very shallow multiform cone profile –very broad directivity pattern
  • Advanced low-distortion motor design
  • Long-stroke suspension with arrestor and progressive-rate spider
  • Low-profile surface-mount reinforced polymer basket

The second-generation Pluvia 7HD is designed to supersede our original Alpair 7 series drive units. It employs many of the same components, and has a very similar balance of frequency response and Thiele / Small values to the old Alpair model, packaged in the more efficient and convenient Pluvia frame. With a mounting depth of less than 4mm, the Pluvia may be surface or flush-mounted, and the design of the mounting legs is very open, allowing good airflow to the rear.

The low-mass coil, suspension and shallow-profile cone are highly efficient. Frequency response extends beyond 30KHz, and the generous 4mm (1-way) Xmax and conveniently balanced T/S parameters allow 40Hz bass output in suitable enclosure designs. The sound character is neutral and highly detailed, with excellent off-axis performance. It is an extremely flexible drive unit for music, small HT and commercial AV applications, and offers exceptional performance at an affordable price point.

Availble in 2 cone colours, vintage gold and soft chrome.

FS 72.5494 Hz
VAS 4.4227 L
RE 5.4000 Ohm
QMS 3.1446
QES 0.7173
QTS 0.584
B×l 3.6297
dBSPL 85.7419
SD 0.0050 m2
CMS 1.2536 mm/N
MMS 3.8390 g
RMS 0.5565 WM
RAT 118590 WA
RMT 2.9963
MMD 3.6373 g
h0 0.23%
L1kHz 0.1652 mH
Pwr 20watts Nom
X Max (Mech) +/-4mm


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