Pluvia 7.2 HD

(3 customer reviews)

70mm   Fullrange drive unit
6ohm    double ferrite magnet

  • 4in Soft Chrome or Vintage Gold magnesium alloy cone
  • Operating range to 30KHz –very linear response
  • Very shallow multiform cone profile –very broad directivity pattern
  • Advanced low-distortion motor design
  • Long-stroke suspension with arrestor and progressive-rate spider
  • Low-profile surface-mount reinforced polymer basket


The second-generation Pluvia 7HD is designed to supersede our original Alpair 7 series drive units. It employs many of the same components, and has a very similar balance of frequency response and Thiele / Small values to the old Alpair model, packaged in the more efficient and convenient Pluvia frame. With a mounting depth of less than 4mm, the Pluvia may be surface or flush-mounted, and the design of the mounting legs is very open, allowing good airflow to the rear.

The low-mass coil, suspension and shallow-profile cone are highly efficient. Frequency response extends beyond 30KHz, and the generous 4mm (1-way) Xmax and conveniently balanced T/S parameters allow 40Hz bass output in suitable enclosure designs. The sound character is neutral and highly detailed, with excellent off-axis performance. It is an extremely flexible drive unit for music, small HT and commercial AV applications, and offers exceptional performance at an affordable price point.

Availble in 2 cone colours, vintage gold and soft chrome.

FS 72.5494 Hz
VAS 4.4227 L
RE 5.4000 Ohm
QMS 3.1446
QES 0.7173
QTS 0.584
B×l 3.6297
dBSPL 85.7419
SD 0.0050 m2
CMS 1.2536 mm/N
MMS 3.8390 g
RMS 0.5565 WM
RAT 118590 WA
RMT 2.9963
MMD 3.6373 g
h0 0.23%
L1kHz 0.1652 mH
Pwr 20watts Nom
X Max (Mech) +/-4mm

3 reviews for Pluvia 7.2 HD

  1. Bobby Kinstle

    I bought a set of these on a whim just to see what all the fuss was about and I was pleasantly surprised. They were a lot better than I expected. The highs are clear but not overly bright and are excellent up to 30 degrees off axis (and usable up to 45). Mids are a little forward on the vocals and generally warm and smooth. I built a 15L ported enclosure with no passives for mine and it has an F3 at 45hz. Bass is no joke on these drivers. I expected small bookshelf speaker character but they delivered large shelf speaker performance. They hold their own against my 8″ 2 way speakers at 10X the cost just fine. They sound the best between 60-80dB which is plenty for many listeners. Above 80dB you’ll probably want a separate subwoofer so the cone movement isn’t competing with the midrange.

    Note: These drivers are very sensitive to amplifier quality. Don’t try to build a small desktop speaker with one of those small class D amps. Drive it with a real amplifier. There’s a night and day difference in sound quality. These would pair very well with those small class A or tube amps under 10W.

    These speakers punch so far above their weight class that they might hit an airplane. If you are on the fence about building with these, it’s time to jump off that fence. You’ll get goosebumps at how good these sound.

  2. Henk Koetzier

    I have put them in the Maeshowe back loaded horns and am very pleased with the way they sound. I have built, owned (and sold) many diy speakers (from single driver to 3-way) and these are among the best. The music seems to be right in my room. Bass is excellent in my smallish room after a bit of taming down with some poly fill. These speakers are going to stay. The amplifier is a perfectly normal Marantz class A/B.

  3. Vlada

    Excellent little fullrange speakers. I have tried different drivers for my Frugal horns and these are my match. Took a long time to “burn in” but after 40+ hours those keeps to amaze me.

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