50mm   Fullrange drive unit
4ohm    single ferrite magnet

  • 3in silver colour magnesium alloy cone
  • Operating range to 25KHz –very linear response
  • Low-profile multiform cone –broad directivity pattern
  • Long stroke suspension with progressive-rate spider
  • Low profile surface-mount polymer basket


The CHN 50 is an very affordable new compact 3 inch full range driver suitable for use in small near field loudspeakers, as a quality mid-tweeter for low-crossover multi-way designs, and for line array speakers.

We have built a gentle rise into the low and high frequency response, as seen in some of their premium drive units, to enhance positioning flexibility. The sound presentation is forgiving, without glare, and the Thiele / Small parameters, with a generous 3.5mm (1-way) Xmax is balanced for ease of use.

The low-mass voice coil, suspension and shallow profile magnesium alloy cone are unique to the CHN 50. The pressed steel frame is designed to be very open and allow airflow to be as free as possible to the rear of the cone. Response extends from resonance to beyond 20KHz, and the impedance rise at higher frequencies is only modest, due to the careful motor design.

FS 113.1594 Hz
VAS 1.0965 L
RE 3.4000 Ohm
QMS 2.8318
QES 0.6865
QTS 0.5526
B×l 2.6869 T×m
SPL 85.74
SD 0.0028 m2
CMS 0.9822 mm/N
MMS 2.0871 g
RMS 0.5148 WM
RAT 329987 WA
RMT 2.6380 WM
MMD 2.0020 g
h0 0.21%
L1kHz 0.0600 mH
PWR 7 watts (Nom)
X MAX (Mech) +/- 3.5mm


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