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110mm Fullrange drive unit
ferrite magnet

  • State of the art full range drive unit in a budget form factor
  • 6in grey colour magnesium alloy cone
  • Operating range to 30KHz –very linear response
  • “easy install” heavy duty steel frame
  • low-distortion motor design

The CHN110 is a brand-new 5 ¾ inch driver high fidelity multi-purpose design.

Exploiting technologies and features from Markaudio’s continuous research, it has been carefully optimised to provide exceptional bass extension beyond what many 5 ½ inch to 6 ½ inch mid-bass units can deliver combined with full-range frequency output.

The CHN110 cone exploits a high-strength series aerospace grade alloy designed to cope with high bending stress loads. Based upon the shallow, wide-dispersion multiform cone concept, the material thickness has been increased to allow greater operational low frequency load capacity. The all new long-stroke suspension has been optimised to enhance and support the remarkable low-frequency load capacity, and has an air volume compliance of almost 25 litres. With a new low-distortion motor designed to provide a medium Q, the CHN110 is intended for use in larger enclosures where it can produce significant bass extension for a driver of its size, while providing a sensitivity of over 88dB 1m/w, and a smooth hi frequency range extending to 25KHz at +80dB.

Other features include an “easy install” heavy duty steel frame for both surface and recessed mounting. The CHN110 provides custom builders with wide operational flexibility at an affordable price, allowing use either as a genuine, high-performance full-range driver, or as a wide-range mid bass with simple filtering. Ideal for use in high-fidelity, home-theatre, commercial A/V applications, and suiting a wide range of enclosure types, it continues Markaudio’s reputation for providing qualitative excellence and advanced mechanical engineering at an accessible level.


Revc= 6.8 Ohm
Fo= 44.1601 Hz
Sd= 0.0109 m2
Vas= 24.7335 L
Cms= 1.4811
Mmd= 8.1228 g
Mms= 8.7700 g
BL= 5.8206 TM
Qms= 2.86
Qes= 0.4884
Qts= 0.4172
Levc= 0.2771 mH
ho= 0.42%
SPLo= 88.4186 dB
Pwr= 45watts Nom
X max= 8mm 1 way


1 review for CHN-110

  1. Michael Eipl

    Dear MarkAudio team,

    About 3 months ago I bought the CHN-110 loudspeaker and installed it in the corresponding «Fenlon 110» housing. My following report refers exclusively to this combination.

    Short version of the test report:
    Extremely high quality sound; With the right equipment, audiophile music enjoyment is possible!

    Detailed test report:
    – Packaging: very high quality and securely packaged, no damage due to transport is to be expected
    – Processing: very clean impression, no visible defects.
    – Sound frequency range: the entire frequency range is reproduced very homogeneously. No annoying dips or elevations noticeable. Heights are reproduced brilliantly and precisely to the point. The mids are extremely natural: voices are very realistic -> great praise for this !!! The bass is very dry and very deep for the size of the speakers. Even after listening for a long time (pop, rock, classical, blues, jazz …) these speakers don’t get annoying, so another big praise. Conclusion: no faults or blame! However, other loudspeakers available on the market also have these properties; this is not (yet) a unique selling point
    – Sound homogeneity: Since it is a broadband loudspeaker, the homogeneity is very good: with multi-way systems, unfortunately, an inharmonious mood can often be heard in the crossover frequencies (for me this point was very annoying in the past and had a negative impact on listening pleasure )
    – Sound dynamics / speed: now we come to the point that excites me the most. This speaker is really fast! I’m not sure whether it is simply due to the missing crossover network (coils / capacitors can negatively affect the impulse behavior), or to other factors (very light membranes …). In any case, it is certain that this loudspeaker can convey incredibly impulsive musical enjoyment! This effect is enormous and very clearly audible. It is difficult to find an appropriate description for this, you just have to experience it yourself … The only downer: a music system is only as strong as its weakest link: as soon as a component (CD player, network player, amplifier, cable …) does not meet these requirements the dynamic is lost! This can be a very painful, sobering (and expensive) realization.
    – Integration in room acoustics: completely problem-free. No matter whether in small rooms, large rooms, directly on the wall or free-standing: in no case is unnatural distortion perceptible. It should be clear that the different placement of the speakers has an enormous influence on the room acoustics. However, one can confidently describe this loudspeaker as uncritical in terms of placement. I find a slight angle towards the listening position most pleasant. This also guarantees a very large “sweet spot”: you don’t necessarily have to sit rigidly but can change your listening position in a relaxed manner without the entire sound image collapsing …
    – Efficiency: very good. I operate these speakers on a tube amplifier with 2×4 watt music power. Higher volumes are possible without distortion
    – Listening quality at different volume levels: The above combination is also very suitable for quiet listening. From very low to medium volume, the musicality is present across all areas. The drivers can also cope with higher volumes without any problems. For (permanently) very high volumes, you should choose a different concept due to the principle involved
    – Appearance: due to their size and placement on a stand, these «compact speakers» appear very massive and dominant. The WAF (Women Acceptance Factor) approaches zero. Actually only suitable for singles, alternatively set up in a separate music room. Preferably both … In the next few weeks I will try a (modified) floorstanding speaker variant, which will hopefully harmonize better visually.
    – Price-performance ratio: exceptionally good. However, I am not entirely satisfied with this term: one could interpret here that (much) more expensive speakers are associated with an even better sound. Unfortunately this is a mistake. These loudspeakers play in the «compact class» at the highest level. You can also spend a lot more money here without getting better sound quality …
    – Break-in time: For me, these are the first speakers that have improved their sound over a longer break-in period (approx. 3 weeks @ 3h / day). Not a dramatic improvement, but still noticeable. I suspect that it is due to the tight suspension of the membrane …

    Note: I bought these speakers with my own money. Neither I nor anyone close to me received any benefits from this report.

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