70mm   Widerange drive unit
single ferrite magnet

  • 4in natural blue uncoated paper cone
  • Broad operating range
  • Low-profile cone –broad directivity pattern
  • Long-stroke suspension
  • Sculpted surface-mount steel basket

The CHN70 is a Full Range design for use in many audio applications. Designed by Mark Fenlon and Evan Yu for use by audio end-users who want a high performance driver at a lower cost. The main features of the CHN70 are:

1 – Full Range operation (45Hz to 20kHz in box)
2 – Natural sound (near flat response)
3 – Long throw power-train design (Mech Xmax = 4mm 1 way)
4 – Heavy duty pressed steel frame, damped design
5 – Easy surface mounting installation

The cone, coil and suspensions are all-new design. It profile shape is unique to this driver, to give it a neutral musical tone. The frame is made from 0.8mm high quality pressed steel with synthetic damping coating to reduce vibrations and for best environmental protection. The CHN’s sound character is natural, especially suitable for vocal reproduction. The CHN70 is suitable for sealed and ported box designs from 4 litres to 12 litres volume.

Revc 5 Ohm
Fo 71.62 Hz
Sd 50.270 cm²
Vas 5.31 Ltr
Cms 1.479m M/N
Mmd 3.134m Kg
Mms 3.339 g
BL 3.403 TM
Qms 1.848
Qes 0.649
Qts 0.480
Levc 17.917u H
No 0.291 %
SPLo 86.652 dB
Pwr 18 watts Nom
X max 4mm 1 way


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