Alpair 7p

These drivers are no longer made, this page is for reference only.

Please refer to the spiritual replacement – Pluvia 7PHD

The Alpair 7P is an audiophile grade paper and glass strand re-enforced coned driver. Along with its sisters drivers, 6P,10P and 12P, the Alpair 7P is designed for the Serious music listener. The 7P’s relatively flat-wide response is designed to deliver a neutral sound. The high range life response is moved to begin its elevation above 17kHz.

Particular attention is paid to the stability of the light-thin cone with bonding re-enforcement being deployed on the inner contour of its profile. The 7P’s moving mass is a light-weight 3grams, yet it retains a long throw operation @ 4mm (1 way limited by Arrestor).

An all-new computer controlled assembly bonding process is deployed on this driver, delivering ultra tight tolerances in critical parts of the 7P’s power-train assembly.

The 7P can be used as a single-point source driver in purist Full-Range applications, or to partner with the Alpair 12PW, a bass-wide version of the Alpair 12P. The marriage between 7P and 12PW promises much in the way of deep rich bass and fine mid-high range detail.

ReVc5.4 Ohms
F0 73.412 Hz
Sd 50.270 cm²
Vas 5.587 Ltr
Cms 1.557m M/N
Mmd 2.814m Kg
Mms 3.019 g
BL 3.525 TM
Qms 2.824
Qes 0.605
Qts 0.498
Levc 16.780u H
No 0.353 %
87.500 dB
X max4 mm 1 way
Coil Dia20-mm


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