Pluvia 7 PHD

70mm  widerange drive unit
double ferrite magnet

  • 4in natural blue uncoated paper cone
  • Wide operating range –rolled off high frequencies for vintage tone
  • Low cone profile –very broad directivity pattern
  • Advanced low-distortion motor design
  • Long-stroke suspension with arrestor and progressive-rate spider
  • Low-profile surface-mount reinforced polymer basket

The new paper-cone Pluvia 7PHD was developed specifically for the Japanese and Asian markets, and its response balance was carefully engineered to provide a shelved down treble and emphasised upper midrange output to address specific regional requests.

The attractive paper cone, suspension and low-mass coil, wound in high-purity rectangular section copper are unique to this model, and the Thiele / Small characteristics engineered to allow surprising bass performance from a compact drive unit. The frame is the familiar, high quality Pluvia design, which may be conveniently surface or flush-mounted, and has a very open design, allowing good air-flow to the rear of the cone.

The sound balance is warm, with emphasised upper midrange, and soft treble. Jazz followers in Asia played a role in the final tuning of this driver. Those enthusiasts into vintage and mono recordings using warm tube (valve) amplification may have a particular interest in this driver.

FS 77.7903 Hz
VAS 4.4905 L
RE 3.5000 Ohm
QMS 2.968
QES 0.6623
QTS 0.5355
B×l 2.9146
dBSPL 87.063
SD 0.0050 m2
CMS 1.2728 mm/N
MMS 3.2888 g
MMD 3.0871 g
L1kHz 0.0274 mH
PWR 15 Watts Nom
X max (Mech) +/- 4mm

1 review for Pluvia 7 PHD

  1. Ryan

    I built some folded TABAQ cabinets and put FaitalPRO’s in them. My fist foray into full range and building my own cabinets. Even with lots of BSC experimentation I couldn’t tame them, they sounded shrill and sibilant. I was super disappointed with all the work that went into the cabinets only to have them sound awful.

    So I took a chance, ordered these Pluvia PHD drivers, removed the BSC entirely, and swapped out the FaitalPRO’s. Even with no break-in, the PHD’s are world’s better. Very smooth, much more filled out, detailed without sounding sibilant. I like them so much I just ordered Alpair 7P’s for another project.

    I’m now a Mark Audio believer, and the staff at Madisound have been friendly and responsive.

    • Thomas Lo

      Dear Ryan
      Thanks for your kind words and we are happy to support you.

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