Alpair 5 Generation 2

Alpair 5 Generation 2

These drivers are no longer made, this page is for reference only.

Please refer to the replacement Alpair 5.3

The Alpair 5 Generation 2 is a pure Free-to-air Single Suspension Full Range audio driver. This new Alpair 5 is more advanced than its first generation version. The new 5 operates only using its all-new single front suspension.

Revc 7.200 Ohm
Fo 67.863 Hz
Sd 50.270 cm²
Vas 5.543 Ltr
Cms 1.545m M/N
Mmd 3.356m Kg
Mms 3.561 g
BL 3.968 TM
Qms 2.391
Qes 0.695
Qts 0.538
Levc 35.057u H
No 0.241 %
SPLo 85.843 dB
Pwr 22 watts Nom
X max 4mm 1 way


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This design retains designer Mark Fenlon’s classical mechanical engineering approach to reduce mass and extend long throw operating capacity. Mark, along with Evan Yu and the engineering team spent several months of research removing mechanical restriction from the ultra thin coil body. Traditional driver designs use a “spider”, a suspension device located behind the driver’s cone. Bonded to the coil, it physically restricts a coils ability to transfer mechanical-acoustic signals to the cone. Some other drivers use damping fluid, springs or other devices, all of which produce losses. This new Alpair 5 design completely removes all these restrictions; Its coil locates cleanly between the driver’s cone and motor sub-assembly, making the new 5 a pure free-to-air mechanical design.

The accuracy requirement for the Alpair 5 component design, engineering and detailed assembly goes well beyond typical commercial audio-driver manufacturing. The front suspension operating tolerance is measured in milli-newtons. Production Alpair 5 drivers are within +/- 2.5Hz @ F Zero. All new 5’s are then pair matched to with +/- 1Hz @ F Zero.

The result is a detailed balanced sound representation across an ultra wide frequency band for this class of small driver. A typical box bass-reflex box application with an internal volume of 3 litres can be port tuned to below 80Hz while the driver retains is high range output up to 25kHz. The outcome is a very easy to use versatile driver suitable for many smaller applications where higher-end sound quality is desired from a mini-sized audio driver.

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