Alpair 6P

These drivers are no longer made, this page is for reference only.


Following many requests from audiophiles, the Alpair 6P is designed to deliver accurate musical reproduction from a mini-size speaker driver. The result is a sensitive audio driver suited to audiophiles who run high quality amplification and source components. The Alpair 6P will please those listeners who concentrate on detail and neutrality.

The Alpair 6P has a new cone design, Multi-form using advanced ultra-light mixed papers. The colour is specific to this design . Also included is a new advanced Nomex rear suspension and an low mass aluminium coil to reduce the mass of the power-train. This Alpair has a new mix of polymers for the frame, making it 10% stiffer than the first model. Finally, new design connector sets allow for remote soldering of cables, installation is easy

ReVc 3.8 Ohm
F0 74 Hz
Sd 36.3 Cm²
Vas 3.6 Ltr
CMS 1.97 m M/N
MMD 2.2 g
MMS 2.32 g
BL 2.67 T.M
QMS 1.78
QES 0.57
QTS 0.43
LeVc 6.94 uH
N0 0.255 %
SPL0 86 dB
X-max 4mm one way
Power 15 Watts nominal
30 Watts Max
Coil 18 mm dia Alu-Copper

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Weight 2 kg


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