Alpair 10.3

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100mm Fullrange drive unit8ohm    single ferrite magnet

  • Legendary full range drive unit
  • 5in grey or gold magnesium alloy cone available
  • Operating range to 25KHz –very linear response
  • Low-profile multiform cone for broad directivity pattern
  • Advanced low-distortion motor design
  • Long-stroke suspension with arrestor and progressive-rate spider
  • Self-damping reinforced polymer basket –optional

This Alpair 10 Gen.3 is the latest model in a development line designed to extend the performance of mid-sized Markaudio full-range emitters. This generation of Alpair 10 utilises a new ultra thin wall coil. Together with a new modification to its cone, this latest model delivers usable frequency range up to 25-kHz while retaining the “purist” single-cone design.

This driver retains the Multi-form cone technology with a new more efficient profile giving improved high range performance. Additional features include an advanced Nomex superlight rear suspension (spider). The Alpair 10‘s frame is formed from a new mix of polymers, making it 5% stiffer than the old model. The Gen.3 version houses an “Arrestor” in its magnetic motor sub-assembly, helping to avoid damage from over-load situations.

ReVc 7.2 Ohms
F0 38.266 Hz
Sd 8.825K mm2
Vas 26.320m M/N
MMD 6.792 g
MMS 7.269 g
BL 5.772 T.M
QMS 1.930
QES .378
QTS 0.316
LeVc 71.379uH
N0 0.378 %
SPL0 87.988 dB
Xmax 7.5mm one way
Power (nominl) 30 Watts

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Gold, Grey

2 reviews for Alpair 10.3

  1. Cal

    Worth every penny for this magnificent drivers. Just make sure to use properly designed enclosure and match it with your room. Mine is an MLTL,bottom ported.

    • sbacmh

      Thanks Cal, these drivers are always popular. They’ve been around a while now but we still get many favourable comments about them.

  2. David

    Great drivers. I followed the break-in procedure and now have about 1000 hours on them. I use these in the Pensil design and drive them with the Pete Millett designed DCPP amplifier. I listen primarily to acoustic based music and these are coherent and cohesive with a very good soundstage. They do reveal shortcomings in the music’s production. Norah Jones, Kandace Springs? In the room with me. Miles Davis Dave, Brubeck? In the room. The remixes of Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” or “Going to California” were enjoyable. They are worth every penny.

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