Alpair 6.2

60mm   Fullrange drive unit
3.6 ohm    single ferrite magnet

  • Advanced compact full range drive unit
  • 3 1/2in copper colour magnesium-alloy cone
  • Operating range to 20KHz –smooth response
  • Low-profile multiform cone profile for wide directivity
  • Advanced low-distortion motor
  • Long-stroke suspension, nomex low-mass spider
  • Self-damping polymer basket

The Alpair 6M is well suited to smaller audio applications, particularly desk-top and nearfield uses. The bass-rich warm tone of this driver can act a balance for those installations using compressed or highly processed source music, complements the use of traditional and modern solid state amplification.This new generation 2 model concentrates on refining the musicality of the Alpair 6 heritage.

This new generation 2 driver has a new Multi-form cone design. The cone profile has been modified to improve vocal clarity in the lower/lower mid frequency ranges. New advanced Nomex rear suspension and a new low mass copper wound coil is also included in this design. Other additional features include a revision of the polymer mix for the frame making it 10% stiffer than the old model. Finally , new connector sets allow for remote soldering of cables, installation is easy.

ReVc3.6 Ohm
F063 Hz
Sd36.3 Cm²
Vas4.8 Ltr
CMS2.58 m M/N
MMD2.48 g
MMS2.57 g
BL2.81 T·M
LeVc128.7 uH
N00.243 %
SPL085.4 dB
X-Max4mm one way
Power15 Watt Nominal
30 Watt Maxx
Coil188-mm dia Alu-copper


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