90mm   Full range drive unit
8ohm    single ferrite magnet

  • 90mm cone with paper, mica, glass fiber materials
  • Operating range to 28KHz –very linear response
  • Long stroke suspension with progressive-rate spider

The CHP90 is an attractive Full-Range multi-purpose drive unit suitable for use in variety of medium size loudspeakers applications, or as part of a multiway system. For single full-range point-source purist applications, the CHN90 is highly capable. The cone is formed from paper, mica and fibreglass materials creating high stability in the emitting surface across the usable frequency range .

F Zero is 48Hz, VAS is +20 Litres and SPL 89.2 dB. Useable frequency range (depending on box design) is from 37Hz to 28KHz rated at +89dB in many applications. The frequency response curve is near flat, making the CHN90 ideal for purist applications. The central mid-range is benign, near flat response, from 1KHz to 6KHz giving end-users and custom builders the potential to use the CHP90 as a mid-field driver in larger multiway applications, useful for balancing out larger radiated surface outputs from big bass units .

The CHP90 also has potential for use in 2 way applications as a bass-mid driver. Most Markaudio drivers have a purpose designed frequency lift in the lower ranges (typically 100Hz to 500Hz) to compensate for baffle step losses. The CHP90 is useful to these applications where end-users and loudspeaker makers need a wider choice on frequency cross-over point selection. The CHP90 shares the custom, modified-ABS chassis design with the CHR90. All moving parts (powertrain) are new and custom made for this driver.

Much work has been done to make the CHP90 a versatile driver and extend the well-known performance characteristics of Markaudio’s products .

FS48.53 Hz
VAS20.05 Ltr
RE6.2 Ohm
Bxl4.8444 Txm
SD0.0085 m²
CMS1.9898 mm/N
RMS0.7489 WM
L1kHz0.2642 mH
L10kHz0.0880 mH
PWR40 Watts (Nom)
X MAX (Mech) +/- 7mm (One way)

2 reviews for CHP-90

  1. Howard J

    Outstanding! And my driver of choice! Subjectively they just tick all the boxes for my musical tastes. I tested them in bespoke baffles on my Frugal Horn Mk3 and they passed effortlessly. I am in the process of building the bespoke MA BlueBuck enclosures designed for them. So will come back with my findings.

  2. Leif Brandt

    Brilliant driver!
    Almost as good as the Maop series.
    Audiophile class.

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