Alpair 12PW

140mm Widerange drive unit
8ohm    single ferrite magnet

  • Variation on Alpair 12P optimised as widerange midbass
  • 7in natural blue uncoated reinforced paper cone
  • Operating range to 10KHz
  • Very low-profile multiform cone for broad directivity pattern
  • Advanced low-distortion motor design
  • Long-stroke hybrid mono-suspension with arrestor and progressive-rate spider
  • Self-damping reinforced polymer basket

The Alpair 12PW is a audiophile grade paper and glass strand re-enforced coned bass-mid driver. Along with its Full-Range sisters drivers, 6P,10P and 12P, the Alpair 12PW is designed for the Serious music listener. The 12PW’s relatively flat response is designed to deliver a neutral sound. The mid-high range gradually falls away above 10kHz.

The development of this driver follows its Full-Range sister unit, the Alpair 12P. Both drivers are Semi-Free-To-Air designs, relying solely on their rear suspensions for mechanical operation. The Alpair 12PW has a re-enforced rear suspension and a new coil to enable handling of typical audiophile low frequency loads (not constant low frequency loads).

The 12PW has a long mechanical throw, limited by its Arrestor to 8.5mm (1 way). This driver is a low-mass design, its power-train has a moving mass of 11.7 grams yet delivers a Vas of 45 litres with a total Q of 0.39, making it ideal for larger scale purist box designs.

An all-new computer controlled bonding process is deployed on this driver, delivering ultra tight tolerances in critical parts of the 12PW’s power-train assembly. !

The 12PW is primarily designed to be partnered with the Alpair 7P yet will also be a excellent partner for many tweeters. The marriage between 7P and 12PW promises much in the way of deep rich bass and fine mid-high range detail.

RE5.4 Ohms
CMS1.468m M/N
MMD10.658 g
MMS11.687 g
BL5.308 T/M
LE49.3 uH
SPL88.6 dB
X MAX8.5 mm (one way)


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